Grove Hill Heritage Hotel

"Whatever you do, don't don't wreck it."

If you're used to kale & quinoa salad with a nice inner-city craft beer to wash it down, this might not be your cup-of-tea. We're not too sure you'd sell a lot of kale here either, really. Oh. And we're for sale.

Freshly un-renovated and under (very) old management

The Grove Hill Heritage is old enough for us to slap the word "heritage" on it. It also gives us an excuse not to renovate it and install one of those vertical gardens that seem so trendy right now. To be honest, we're busy enough keeping the grass and weeds under control. We don't need them growing up the walls too.

Stan, the current owner, wants out. Don't get me wrong, he loves the joint. But he's old and needs a rest. The place is doing alright. The tourists seem to like it here. He just needs a break. So, it's time to sell up and get some young blood in here to inject a bit of energy without wrecking the place. That's all Stan asks.

The best bar on Instagram

A bar that would make hipsters want to #breakinstagram

Just look at this feat of pre-war functional design! Throw a Valencia or Gingham filter on and watch the likes roll in!

Important Features

A couple of working fridges that are set as low as possible to keep the beer cold without freezing it. And we have some nuts and chips to buy.

Instaworthy Moments

While we don't sell a big range of beers, we have a crapload of bottles from around the world to take killer photos of. Choose your own filter.

You might make a fortune, and you'll have a lot of fun!

The best bar on Instagram

A museum to rival Australia's best collections of rusty things.

Old tools. Helmets. More old tools. More rust than a ranga's head after a rainy day. And more old tools.

What they're saying

"Full of junk but that's part of the charm" - Donna from Darwin

"A true blue boozer" - Paul from NZ

"Basically a tin shed in the middle of nowhere" - Peter from Melbourne

Instaworthy Moments

Old posters from the old mining and railway days line the walls with lots of old uniforms, hats, helmets and gear that'll look great in the indirect sunlight with an XPro filter.

"I wanted to close, but I've got a bloody good license here!"

Find dining, outback style

No Michelin stars, but plenty of happy, full bellies over the years.

We've already talked about kale. The same goes for gluten-free and vegan options. Feel free to bring them with you though.

Breakfast Delights

Breakfast favourites like Bacon & Eggs, Sausages & Eggs, Chops & Eggs and Spaghetti on Toast. Go hard and order Baked Beans on Toast. We dare you!

Lunch & Dinner

It's pretty much the same as breakfast, without the eggs. Vegans can enjoy a serve of hot chips. And to make it easy we keep most meals the same price with either veg or salad.

"If Hayes Creek can sell, then this can sell too"

Alfresco dining at Grove Hill Heritage Hotel

Romantic alfresco dining under the stars all-year-round

Ample seating for guests all year round in our well-swept courtyard. Mood lighting provided by citronella candles.

Dry Season

When it's a little cooler, enjoy the outdoors - gaze up in to the stars or the bats in the trees (we'll chase them off when people are here though) and enjoy your chops and veggies in a casual social setting.

Wet Season

Provided the roads aren't flooded, we can handle outdoor dining in the Wet too. The shed out the back of the courtyard will keep the rain off you and give that authentic "rain on a tin roof" feel of days-gone-by.

"The floor was built with whatever the builders could find"

Donga accommodation in the bush

Immerse yourself in the full Grove Hill Hotel experience. Stay here!

Camp for free on our basic dusty or green campsites (depending on whether it's been raining or not) or go fancy in our cozy air-conditioned on-site donga blocks.

Caravan & Camp

Pull up your caravan or pitch your tent overnight. You can use our ablutions block and chill out for the night the sounds of cicadas, frogs and maybe the occasional dingo or two looking for scraps.

Air Con Accommodation

Upgrade your Grove Hill to a Grove Hill-ton! Stay in our air conditioned donga blocks and get a good night's sleep. We won't cure your husband's snoring, but you'll be high, dry and comfortable for the night.

"Oh and yeah, the place comes with a mining title"

Donga accommodation in the bush

Sunrises, sunsets and sunshine across lovely outback vistas

There's a selfie moment around every corner of this unique Territory heritage property.

Totes retro & on-fleek

The rusted old car hulks out the back have "selfie moment" written all over them. The squeak of the windmill pump makes for the perfect Facebook Live show. The yellows and reds of the land will bring the likes and comments flooding in to your social media account.

Flat means photogenic

The beauty of the top end is that the land is largely flat-as. So sunrises and sunsets are pretty awesome. So while Becky is all #mindilmagic and #darwinsunsets you can hit back with your more unique, #gloriousgrovehill  and #betterthanbecky moments.

"It would suit a young couple who won't wreck it"

End of month BBQ at Grove Hill Heritage Hotel

At the end of the month, it all comes to life again.

Stories of days-gone-by, country music under the stars, cold beer and hot food at the end of each month.

The Rabbit Trap

Stan can tell a yarn, alright, but once he brings out the rabbit trap and demonstrates how it's used, be prepared for some audience participation. This is one story with a very snappy ending!

Music and storytelling

Stan is a master storyteller. So if you're gonna buy the place, you'll want to be too. It's part of the lifeblood and soul of this place. The stories of miners, hunters and trains with a country music soundtrack.

Where the hell is Grove Hill?

  • Mount Wells Road, Douglas-Daly, NT 0822
  • 08 8978 2489

Grove Hill Heritage Hotel is for sale

It's not everyone's cup of tea. But we know someone's gonna love it!